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MegaFLORA Parade

The MegaFLORA Parade was held on Saturday 28th September at 10.00 am and featured the Esperance Brass Band, Esperance Theatre Guild Street Performers wearing MegaFLORA costumes and the first performance of Dance Devotion’s wonderful Peacock Spider Dance. Dance Devotion developed and performed this original dance inspired by Jurgen Otto's videos of Peacock Spiders found in the Esperance region. Flora Yetman designed the colourful spider abdomen banners used in the performance.

Special thanks to Juncture Cart & Co for providing coffee at the event! 

Video credit: Dr Neville Marchant AM

170919_EWF MegaFLORA Parade Poster.jpg

Video credit: Trevor Mitchell and Dance Devotion

Photo credit: Trevor Mitchell 

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