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2021 Writing Competition Entries

To read an entry, click on its image and it will open in a new window.

You can vote for your favourite entries in the Under 18 Category and in the Open Category. The entries with the most votes will win the  People's Choice Awards.


Voting closes 5pm on Friday 24th September and winners will be announced at the Festival on Saturday 25th September following the dance performance at 11am (outside the Esperance Civc Centre). Judge's Awards for both categories will also be annouced at the same time.


To vote, click on the button below which will take you to our email contact page. Send us an email with the number of the entry and the name of the author you wish to vote for in each section. Please also include 'VOTE' in the subject line.

Many thanks to Associate Professor Andrea Gaynor for volunteering her time to allocate the Judge's  Awards and to Esperance Wildflower Society, Recherche Writers, and the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund for supporting this project.

Under 18 Section

Boucher 2 pages.jpg

1. Our First Orchid Hunt
Ezra Boucher

2.  A Walk with Wildflowers
Layla Bowkett


Open Section


3.  A Life in the Trees
Tina Francis

4.  Melaleucas
Judith Gath

Gath 2 pages.jpg

5.  Come Ride with Me
Nadette Hodge


6.  Regeneration
Marden Hundley (Entry 1)

Hundley 1 2 pages.jpg

7.  Nuytsia floribunda
Marden Hundley (Entry 2)

Hundley 2 2 pages.jpg

8.  The Bottlebrush
Fiona Johnston


9.  Wildflower Encounters - Writing about the Bush
Helen McCarthy


10.  Bush Meditation
Marrisa Snell


11.  Brown
Paula Stanley

Stanley 2 pages.jpg

12.  Wildflower Encounters
Gillian White


13.  To Grow a Botanist ...
Ken Mills

Mills 2 pages.jpg

14.  This Place
Thuriyya Ibrahim

This Place  T Ibrahim .jpeg
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