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2020 Student Art Competition Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 15 winners of the Judges’ Awards for the School Category of the Act-Belong-Commit Esperance Wildflower Festival Art Exhibition and Competition, and to the winner of the People’s Choice Award for best school display - Castletown Primary School.

Many thanks to CBH Group for providing the prizes for the Judges’ Awards and Act-Belong-Commit for providing the People’s Choice Award, to the judges artist Kathleen Bowering and Ken Mills (Esperance Wildflower Society), to Ruth McIntyre and Fr Brett Guthrie and all assistant installers, and to all the teachers and students who contributed over 380 individual artworks to the display.


  • Bexley Dunn (Kindergarten, Esperance Primary School): Theme Award

  • Elliot McCarthy (Pre-Primary, Our Lady Star of the Sea Primary): Sustainability Award

  • Ilya Boucher (Kindergarten Home School): Technical Skill Award

  • Lacie Baines (Year 3, Esperance Primary): Theme Award

  • Lucy Pechar (Year 5, Castletown Primary): Theme Award

  • Emily Walter (Year 5, Cascade Primary): Sustainability Award

  • Summer Wright (Year 3, Esperance Primary): Technical Skill Award

  • Jake Powell (Year 6, Castletown Primary): Technical Skill Award

  • Shilo Pearce (Year 9, Esperance High School Ed Support Centre): Theme Award

  • Lucas Tobin (Year 8, Esperance Anglican Community School): Sustainability Award

  • Bailey Fiegert (Year 9, Esperance Anglican Community School): Technical Skill Award

  • Bianca Hartley (Year 10, Esperance Anglican Community School): Theme Award

  • Gemma Neilson (Year 12, Esperance Anglican Community School): Technical Skill Award

  • Katie Barr (Year 11, Esperance Anglican Community School): Special Award for Technical Skill

  • Castletown Primary School - People's Choice Award

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