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A visit from native bee expert, Kit Prendergast

We had perfect weather on Sunday 8th September for our MegaFLORA bee walk at Helms Arboretum with Kit Prendergast, native bee researcher, in the lead up to the Esperance Wildflower Festival.

Around 30 community members of all ages joined us after Kit’s presentation to search for native bees as part of the 2019 “Bugs in the Bush” Festival theme.

A big thank you to Kit for sharing her extensive knowledge of native bees with us over the weekend. As well as the guided walk, Kit presented two inspiring talks and even made her own bee sculpture! Kit is very lucky to be taking one of Jeane Aitchison’s marvellous Blue Banded Bees home with her as a sign of appreciation.

Kit’s visit to Esperance was funded by Festivals Australia as part of our MegaFLORA community sculpture project.

Helms Arboretum photos by Jennell Reynolds

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